Our Pledge

We will come to work every day thinking of ways to enhance your financial well being -- making sure you’re ready for what’s next.

We will be Personable.

  • You and each member of your family are treated as an individual.
  • Your portfolio is managed to meet your individual goals -- your tolerance for risk.

We will Communicate.

  • You are not alone.  We are here in good times and in bad.
  • You won't be left wondering what we are doing to protect and grow your wealth because we communicate with you regularly.
  • Be it in person, on the phone or electronically, we talk with you, using terms you can understand and the format you prefer.

We will be Transparent.

  • We are paid a fee by you.  No one else pays us. If you do well, we do well. 
  • We aren't compensated by third parties to sell products.
  • Our focus is on helping you make the best possible financial decisions so you have a better chance of attaining your financial goals.

We will be Accountable.

  • When we make an investment decision we look at both the "up side" (reward) and the "down side" (risk) and if this investment makes sense for you.
  • Then we track the impact these decisions have on your portfolio so you can see if we are meeting your goals.
  • Finally, we never take our relationship with you for granted.  We will ask you to rehire us each year.

If you'd like to learn more about how HMS can help you meet your financial objectives, please click here.