Our Guiding Principles

  • To provide you with professional, timely unbiased advice, free of any hidden agendas or motivations.
  • To communicate with you in as much detail, and as often as you wish.
  • To never take your business for granted -- that's why we ask you to re-hire us each year.
  • To maximize asset growth at a level of risk with which you are comfortable
  • To anticipate and prepare you to act on whatever challenges or opportunities lie ahead

This firm is built on the foundation of engaged ownership. We view ourselves as your financial advocate. We are an employee owned company, so we have a vested interest in each and every relationship entrusted to us.

We put our names on this company for a reason. The work we do for you is important to us. You and your family are important to us.

We started this firm because we believe...

That our relationship with you should be fair.  You do not have to worry if you are being sold a product. Instead, you enjoy the comfort of having both a financial sounding board and a financial advocate willing to help you make the difficult decisions.

The financial industry has lost its focus and is no longer personal. At some point during the past ten years, wealth management became less about the client and more about the institution. We believe you should always be our focus. By getting to know each client’s unique situation we have built successful wealth strategies that help people like you minimize risk without sacrificing return.

The greatest opportunities are realized during the worst of times. As we work through the challenges that face us, some companies will be left behind, possibly even entire industries; but others will thrive. We focus our time and resources on helping you take advantage of these challenges.

In the power of innovation. It drives our investment process and our results. Our commitment to identifying the current and future drivers of economic growth helps you to enhance your wealth by investing in the future leaders of tomorrow, today.

You should be ready for what's next.  The ability to identify whether or not you are being compensated for taking risk is crucial in determining how you should be invested. We are continuously analyzing when it pays you to take risk, the best place in your portfolio to take risk, and how much risk to take in order to meet your goals.

If you are successful, then we will be successful. We are even so bold as to ask our clients to hire us for only one year.

These core beliefs have resounded strongly with our clients. So strongly, in fact, that many clients have added to their original investments and referred their families and friends to us. To each one of them, we say thank you. It has been an honor and a privilege to help so many families meet their investment goals, and we look forward to maintaining that tradition for years to come.

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Our core beliefs
have resounded strongly
with our clients