Five Common Concerns

Here are five common concerns we hear most often
when we first sit down with a new client…

Q: Will I have enough money to enjoy my retirement?
A: Many people think that they will spend significantly less once they're retired but often, that's not the case.  HMS will help you understand if you can retire comfortably and we’ll show you how a disciplined investment strategy can help.

Q: Who can I trust to make decisions for my family if something happens to me?
A: You want to work with an expert, someone whose years of experience working with families like yours to build and protect their wealth.  You want a financial advocate, someone who will help steer your family in the right direction.  When you work with HMS you'll have the peace of mind knowing that our team is fully focused on your family’s financial future.

Q: Am I properly prepared for whatever is next?
A: Most people feel they are constantly reacting to market events.  HMS helps you understand how current trends and world events could impact your wealth so that you can be proactive when managing your portfolio.   We can guide you through the rough times and help you make the most of opportunities that arise.  Our investment management approach focuses on looking forward, on anticipating change, and thriving during challenging times.

Q: Is my portfolio mix right for me?  Will it enable me to reach my goals?
A: Many people admit that they just don’t know.  At HMS, we help you determine what you want to achieve, how much risk you're comfortable taking, and how much you need to earn to meet your goals.  Then, we help you build a portfolio to reach your goals with the least amount of risk possible.  And, we go one step further; we help you measure the success of your portfolio in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Q: I'm worried about the health of my portfolio. What can I do?
A: To start – have an investment strategy and stick to it.  Most people don’t understand that it is the unintended risk in their portfolio that is the most dangerous.  At HMS, we can show you exactly which events would have the most impact on your wealth and we can help you develop a strategy to protect your assets. We can help you rest easy.

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